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Yoast Plugin for WordPress beginners

yoast plugin

Yoast Plugin for WordPress beginners

Yoast plugin is the seo ( search engine optimization) plugin for wordpress. It is the best plugin for wordpress. It is simple to active and use. There are many plugins in market that you can choose like all in one seo, etc. but the Yoast plugin is best in some norms. It provide you complete idea about your post like about repeat sentences, or about the post is short or good in length. This also give you better idea about SEO of your post. It give you option to select the focus keyword, besides meta keywords. Meta keywords is the group of focus keywords that don’t give search engine to find which is your focus keyword.

In Yoast plugin you have both options to put focus keyword and to put meta keywords according to your need. It tells you where you have used 3 consecutive sentence with same starting word. It allows you to put meta description and slug. That is meaningful for Good Seo.

Yoast Plugin Installation:

Just login to your wordpress website. by visiting http://yourdomain/wp-admin

After entering your website dashboard.

Click on Plugins

Click on Add New Plugin

Type “Yoast” In search box. That appears right hand side in dashboard.

In search result click on Yoast plugin.

Click on Install

After Installation click on active now

Congratulations you have done. You have successfully Install Yoast plugin for WordPress.

Yoast plugin Configuration:

Here is step by step complete configuration for yoast plugin. You just follow this to configure it in your wordpress website.

step: You will get this windows first. In this just fill your Name and email id. Then click on sign up and click on next.

Yoast plugin

Step: Select the Category of your website. It is just a blog, webshop, news site, small  business site, corporate site or personal website.

Yoast plugin

Step:  Select its for company or for a person, Then provide names. 

Next Step:  Select your social profile and put there links. so the audience can connect with you on social media. Yoast for seo

Step: Select who can view your post and what you want to hide from other users.

Step: Select the number of authors. If you have multiple authors select yes, for single select no. 

Next Step: Put your google search console authentication key. Yoast plugin search tactic

Step:  Select title setting how it appears. Yoast search engine optimixation

Step:  Congratulations you have done it.

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