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Top 10 search engine

Top 10 search engine google

Top 10 search engine

Top 10 search engine in the world


You want to know top 10 search engine in the world. Search engines now become a part of our daily life. People are now more dependent on the Search engines to get  related answers of their questions. they don’t know the exact place to go to find the answer. So they use Search engines to filter the Result.

There are various search engines, some are famous or some are little famous. Now point comes to know which is the best search engine. Guess…. Do you know the world’s biggest search engine? yes you are right. Google is the world’s biggest and top rated search engine. You can search local or global data according to your need on Google.


Let’s know top 10 Search engines:

1. Google

Google Search engine is the best search engine in the world. Almost 70% market is acquired by Google. Google Tech always try to update their search engine algorithm to provide the best Result to the end user.
according to Alexa google is the most visited search engine on the web.

Top 10 search engine google

2. Bing:

Bing is the Microsoft search Engine. which is launched against google in 2009. ITis also the best search engine. Bing is the default search engine in the microsoft web browser. Microsoft Search engine Bing provide various result Web, images, videos, etc but never compete google.

3. Yahoo:

Yahoo is also a search engine . Both yahoo and Bing still are not in competition to Google in the market. Yahoo has 7.68% shares in the market. It is best in providing free email services to their customers. But fail to provide better search engine for there Customers.

Top 10 search engine

4. AOL

Aol is also in top Search engine. It has market share 0.59% Verizon Communication has bought AOL 4.4 Billion. It was started back in 1983 as control video corporation.



Top 10 search engine

Top 10 search engine
5. Baidu:

Baidu is a chinese Web search engine founded in January 1 2000.  This search engine give result in Audios, websites, and images. The alexa ranking of Baidu is 4. It also provide other services like maps, new and cloud storage.

6. Ask.com

Ask.com priviously known as the Ask jeeves. Its Result are in the question answer format. It was founded in 1995. Here you get answer of your questions in the question answer format.

7. Excite:

This is also a search Engine. I get to know it while submitting my website to the search engine. It is a online service portal. It provide internet services like email, search engine and news etc.

8. DuckDuckgo

DuckDuckgo is the largest Search engine known for protecting the privacy of the user. for generating search result, they have partnered with bing, yahoo and yummly. It was launched in 200. It’s Revenue comes from yahoo and bing affiliated programs.

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