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Social media marketing strategy to grow business

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Social media marketing strategy to grow business

Hello friends,  welcome back to my blog searchtactic.com. Today we are telling you about social media marketing. Social media marketing is just to tell about your business or product on social media. You just need to signup  for social media sites. And use there products to get benefits. On Facebook,  you can create Facebook page and share about your business or product on the page. Invite your friends to like your Facebook page. Social media marketing is the process of selling your product online on social media sites. You can tweet on twitter with photos to attract peoples in your product. Use Google plus to sell products.

Why social media marketing? 

The answer is simple as you nowadays daily billion of people join social media websites. To gather more traffic you have to use social media. Biggest social media sites are Facebook,  Twitter and LinkedIn and many more. Daily millions of people join social media sites. And it is a place from where you can get more hits. You can’t trust on search engines only. You may get better traffic from search engines but if you do social media marketing. Your website traffic gone higher 3 times. This will rank you faster in search engine. All the companies using these tactics to get more and more traffic.

How to do social media marketing? 

Social media marketing is just simple as you use your social accounts. You just need to create social account on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and other sites. Then create Facebook page about your product and invite your friends to like the page. And share your product details on your Facebook page. Now Facebook launches Facebook page manager app that will help you to do posting without logging in Facebook app. You can tweet on twitter about your product with photos and give website URL. People will check on your site. These social media marketing practices increase your website traffic and your sale.

What the need of social media marketing? 

The need of social media marketing is too get more and more buyers for your product. People nowadays create social pages and attract user from social media to their website.  If they like your product they will buy it. Now you get in mind,  if they don’t buy my products?

Let me clear you one thing 1000 people are coming to your website from social media. For a rare chance, let only 10 user buy from your online shop. Now, how much work you have done to sell these 10 products as compared to your other works? You do nothing you just post about your product with their brief description with photos. You just need to do this maximum 2 or 3 times a day. That will take only 2 or 3 minutes.

Social media marketing strategy

Snapchat for business

On snapchat more than 63% people post about their products to get more and more traffic. Snapchat is the social media app for video calling and photo sharing.

Facebook for business

LinkedIn for business 

Pinterest for business 

Instagram for business 

Twitter for business 

YouTube for business

Social media marketing

Social media marketing jobs. 

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