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SEO tips and tricks to grow your business

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SEO tips and tricks to grow your business

Hi,  friends welcome back to my blog searchtactic.com. We are here to give you step by step seo tips and tricks to grow your business.

Seo stands for search engine optimisation. There are various seo companies who provide you seo solutions. Seo is the main part of business. It help peoples to get appear on Google first page.

SEO tips and tricks

Friends here i am listing some factors here. That help you to grow your business. SEO tips are basic step by step process. These will help you to rank in Google search results.

1. Keyword in domain name: Right, if you are looking for business or unique field. Then keyword should be in your domain name. That will help you to rank easily. The focus keyword should be in domain name and post according to your website. Like if you are making a website for designing then you should post about design and related keywords.

2. Keyword in post URL: Blog post should contain keyword in the url of the page. Keyword in url increase keyword density in web page. Always put keyword in permalink. Make sure the title in the url should present.

3. Meta tag, title, description: Meta tags,  title or description should contain focus keyword. Before posting check keyword search density on websites. This will help you to rank in Google search results. Use keywords in heading or subheadings tag. Don’t use too many keywords in body that will counted as spam by Google.

SEO tips and tricks 

4. Optimize images: Optimize images before posting images with blog post. You should make sure before posting that all the images should contain alt tag. Alt tag is the keywords that you are focus in your blog or page. You should also make sure the size should be right. Optimising the size of images reduce the server load. That will increase page speed.

5. Interlinking: interlinking is the process of Linking various related post of your blog. That will increase viewers spend time on your website. That will decrease bounce rate. Google also focus on bounce rate. Lower the bounce rate higher the ranking in Google search results.

SEO tips
SEO tips and tricks to grow your business

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