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Index website Google – Best way to index new wordpress website

Index website Google
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Index website Google – Best way to index new wordpress website

There are many new wordpress website blogger who seeks to find the ways by which they will appears in google. Here i am telling you how to index your new wordpress website or blog found by google. Know how to index new wordpress website. The best practice for found in google is to tell google about your website. how to Index website Google.

Tell Google where your site is or what content and pages it have

Index website Google

The best way to get found in google is to tell search engines about your website. So, if you don’t tell them, your pages will not appears in search results.

There are some things you need to follow:

  1. tell search engines your sites exists in the world.
  2. tell them about the content that your website have.

This may be little bit complex for you. so, i am telling you steps that you should follow.

If you follow our simple steps after registering a new website. It will slowly get found on search engine. You will get some traffic from them for free. That is starting and no one can’t beat you.

How to Tell Google Your New Website Exists.

  1. Create A Sitemap: A sitemap is a XML file tells Google and other search Engines. what content your websites have. It tells them about the post, pages, content and media that your website have. This help them to find content on your website faster and index better.
  2. Submit your website to Google: Submit your website to Google search console, that is a google webmaster tool. Click on Add property button to add your website. you also add your website to bing webmaster tool.
  3. Submit sitemap: Submit sitemap to the search engines. There is a Sitemap Menu right side to the Google Search Console. Click on it to submit your website sitemap.

How to Create a Sitemap for wordpress:

To help the search engines to find the pages of your website. when you have content you need to create an XML sitemap. I am telling you how to create a sitemap for wordpress website. You can create it online or you can also create by google xml Sitemaps Plugin. This plugin help you to create sitemap and inform the search engine about your new posts.

how to setup Google XMl sitemap plugin: Index website Google

  1. Install plugin called Google XML sitemap in your wordpress website.
  2. Now go to settings menu and choose XML-sitemaps.
  3. Then on the top of screen you see sitemap has not been created yet.
  4. Click on “click here” to build for first time.

This will create a XML sitemap for your website. It is now available at http://yourdomain/sitemap.xml (replace yourdomain with your domain name).

Submitting your site to google: 

  1. Create a Google account or you have a google account then just login in it. Then login in Google search Console. Add your website or if you already added your site then open its property.
  2. Now google will ask you to verify your website by adding a html file to your website. You can also verify it by adding a meta tag to the header of your website.
  3. if you have technical knowledge you can put meta tag in the header file of wordpress.
    Click on Appearance-> Editor. Then click on Header.php file and put the meta tag in between <header>and </header> tag.
  4. If you are not so much technical then just install Yoast plugin for WordPress.
    create account in it and Click on Add a site and add your website URL and put the meta tag in the fields. for complete installation and configuration process of Yoast click here.

Submit your sitemap to Google Search console:  Index website Google

Add sitemap to Google search Console, If it does not appears as a link your homepage. Go the homepage and click the Add sitemap button. Add the sitemap URL to google search console to add your sitemap.


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