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11 Google webmaster tools to improve your marketing

Google Webmaster tool
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11 Google webmaster tools to improve your marketing

Google is one of the biggest search engine. Google provide some best marketing tools for your business or website. Google webmaster tools are free and best SEO tools. Webmaster Google tools help you to rank faster in search results.

11 Google Webmaster tools

  1. Google my business :
    Google My business
    is tools by Google to show your Business freely on google map. You just need to list your business on google my business. It will appears on map for local searches. It increases local SEO of your business.
  2. Google+ business page:
    If You are a local business, setting up and maintaining a Google+ page goes hand in hand with your Google My business listing. Google My business listing should contain a link of your Google+ page or Your website link.

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  3. Google webmaster tools:
    Want Better insight for your website health in Google? Just setup a Google Webmaster Tools Account. It will alert you to any red flag that could prevent your site from getting found in search engine results. It help you Analyse your existing Search traffic. So you can understand how visitors are currently finding you.
  4. Google Analytics:
    It Shows you visitors details on your website. It shows you a statics of Previous and New visitors. That help you to understand your visitors easily.
  5. Google Adwords:
    Google Adwords is Google Pay-per-click(PPC) product. You create your ads that target specific keywords related to your business. Your ads will appears above or to the right of organic search results on search page. This is a paid tools and cost depends on the competitiveness of the keyword.
  6. Google Adwords Keyword Planner:
    If you are looking to boost your website traffic. You should do some keyword research first. To find best keywords use Google Adwords Keyword Planner. It will show you keywords with its search volumes. You should target keyword which have more search volume.

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  7. Google Trends:
    Google trends Can be a great tool for helping you make smarter keyword choice. It enables you to evaluate the popularity of certain terms. It will show you what is trending most in your country. So, you can find keyword related to that terms and post them.
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  8. Google Alerts:
    Google Alerts enables you to monitor the web for specific keyword. Once you setup for Google Alerts Account. You will get a email for any changes or red flag to your business.
  9. Google News:
    Newsjacking or capitalizing
    on the popularity of a news story to amplify your sales and marketing success. It is great way to piggyback off the success of a news story that is already getting traction. If your are interested in taking advantage of newsjacking in your marketing content strategy. Use google News to search for and identify news relevant to your industry.
  10. Google Feedburner:
    It just simply means, if you want to grow your reach. Then, You should allow users to subscribe your website.
  11. Youtube:
    It is a Google Product. It is the largest video sharing website. You can just login with your Google Account and upload videos about your product on Youtube.
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Google webmaster tools

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