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Free keyword suggestion tools online

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Free keyword suggestion tools online

Free keyword suggestion tools online

There are various free keyword suggestion tools online. These tools are freely available to all the peoples. You can find keywords according to your post. Now you think  why should i find keywords through them?  I can also find keyword by myself?? Here you are making mistake.  If you are expert then you can do yourself.  But for beginners these tools are the best for keyword research. Because these tools help you to find keywords according to your post and related keywords.

1. Google adwords: This help in identifying keywords with search strength. Means adwords shows the search volume of particular keywords world wise or country wise. This is free of cost tool. You have to just make google account and sign in Google adwords account. Then search for the keywords that relate to your post and then click on the keywords to find the more keywords related to the keywords with search volume.

Google adwards free keyword suggestion tools

2. Keywordtool.io

Free keyword suggestion tools

On keywordtool.io you can find the keywords with the search volume. Just first select the search engines for which you are finding the keywords. Let we select google then enter keyword in the box. Then select search engine after that select the language and click on search. A list of keywords appears. Which shows the keywords related to your keyword.  You can bulk copy all the keywords with just one click on this website.

Owner can find keywords for your video that you want to publish  on YouTube by selecting search engine youtube. You can also select bing for getting the keywords for Bing search engine.

Free keyword suggestion tools online

3. Smallseotool: here you have to do just put your website URL and get keywords related to your website. That easily define your website. And give you some suggestions keywords. That you can also put in the meta keywords and in the contents of the page.

Free keyword suggestion tools online

4. Ubersuggest.io 

Here you can find keywords relevant to your post. Just enter the keyword and select you want to search for post,  web or image or video or news and select the language and click on search and get keywords related to your enter keyword. That will help you to enter keywords in your post that rank higher in search engine.

There are more some keywords tools. Like SEMRUSH,  SCRAP KEYWORDS  many other websites.

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