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Create Facebook Account Free with Gmail or Phone Number

Create Facebook Account
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Create Facebook Account Free with Gmail or Phone Number

Facebook is a Social media Website. This is the best way to interact with people and friends. Daily Millions of people join facebook. It is much famous in youngsters. Today i am posting about how to create facebook account free with gmail or phone number.  Creating facebook Account is easy. You have to just follow some Ways to Create Facebook Account. 

Ways to Create New Facebook Account

You can create facebook account with two ways:

  1. Create Facebook Account with Phone Number
  2. Create Facebook Account With Gmail or Other Email Account

Open Facebook Account With Phone Number

To Create Facebook Account With Phone number just open http://facebook.com and where got two option. One for Login Facebook and second is Create New Facebook Account.  To Open New Facebook Account. fill the given form that you see in right hand side. See in this image:

Steps To Create New Facebook Account With Phone Number

  1. Enter Your First name.
  2. Enter Your Surname means your second name or Caste.
  3. Now Enter Phone number which you want to attach with Facebook Account.
  4. Next step is to just enter your password. Select the password that is easy to remember for you.
  5. Fill your Date of birth.
  6. Select your Gender, you are male or female.
  7. Now click on Create an Account.
  8. An OTP( one time password) is Sent on the mobile number that you enter in the registration form. Put that OTP in the next page field and your Facebook Account is ready now.

Create Facebook Account How to Create Facebook Account

Steps to Create Facebook Account With Gmail:

Go to the webpage FaceBook,

  1.  Open http://facebook.com.
  2. Now you see a Registration Form in the right hand side,
  3. Enter your First Name.
  4. Enter your Surname or last name.
  5. Put your Gmail email address or any other email address.
  6. Now enter password that is easy to remember for you
  7. Now select your gender Male or Female.
  8. Then click on Create an Account.
  9. A verification mail sent to your given email address. Open your email account and open email received and click on confirm your account.
  10. Your account is now ready to Use.

These are the simple steps how to create facebook Account free. Thank you for reading.

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