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8 Shortest Marriages in Bollywood

shortest marriage in bollywood
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8 Shortest Marriages in Bollywood

Marriage is made in heaven, it is the bond to get 2 persons together. We see many people who get married whether they were in love or arranged. After some months or years, they get separated. Divorce is the next step made after the marriage. Love and trust make the successful relationship it may be live in relationship or marriage. You need trust and love to make it successful. Having divorce is very common in Bollywood besides it, divorce is also common in normal people. People love each other and then get married and then separate. In this article, I am writing about the 8 Shortest Marriages in Bollywood.

Let’s know about the Shortest Marriages in Bollywood

1. Chahat Khanna and Bharat Narsighani

They get married in Dec 2006 after dating him for several years. They got separated after the 7 month due to physical abuse.Chahat Khanna and Bharat Narsighani

2. Kishore Kumar and Yogita Bali

Yogita Bali was the third wife of Kishore Kumar. He married with Yogita Bali. He finds yogita Bali’s attractions towards Mithun. Kishore Kumar divorce yogita Bali and married with Leena Chandavarkar. And Yogita married to Mithun Chakraborty.Kishore Kumar and Yogita Bali

3. Mallika Sherawat and Karan Singh Gill

Mallika Sherawat never confirmed that she got married with Karan Singh gill but there are some pictures that says everything. She got married with pilot Karan Singh gill and she left him for making her career in Bollywood. They married in 2000 and get divorced in 2001.Mallika Sherawat and Karan Singh Gill

4. Manisha Koirala and Samrat Dahal

Manisha Koirala married to a Nepal businessman named Samrat Dahal. After some days of marriage, she recognized she is not happy with him. Manisha Koirala gets married in 2010 and separated in 2012. Once she wrote “my husband is my biggest enemy” on their Facebook wall.

5. Mukesh Aggarwal and Rekha

Rekha got married to Mukesh Aggarwal in 1990. But their way of separation is quite different from others. Because Mukesh Aggarwal commits suicide in 1991. In death note he writes, no one is responsible for his death, so no one will be blamed for his death.

6. Pulkit Samrat and Shweta Rohira

They both love each other before getting married. Soon there is some problem in their relationship because Pulkit is dating to Yami Gautam his co-star. Pulkit tells that he realized she is not his soul mate. Their marriage is last for a few months only. They got married in nov 2014 and separate in oct 2015.

7. Sajid Nadiadwala and Divya Bharti

He fell in love with Divya Bharti while shooting of Bollywood movie Shola or Shabnam. Soon they both tied knots, but unfortunately, their marriage last for 11 months only. Sadly Divya Bharti fell down from the building and lost her life.

8. Karan Singh Grover and Shraddha Nigam

Shraddha Nigam was the first girlfriend of Karan Singh Grover and they both get tied with each other. But after the news of Karan Grover dating with some other girl, they both get separated. They got married in dec 2008 and separate after just 10 months.


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