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5 best social marketing websites 

social media marketing

5 best social marketing websites 

5 best social marketing websites

Social marketing is important now a days because you can’t get much more traffic from the search engines. 5 best social marketing websites.  As you have, much competition in the market. Social marketing,  backlinking and efficient content and good keyword research. There are various social Marketing places. I am introducing here top 5 Social marketing platform. Which provides you, space for your business.

5 best social marketing websites

5 best social marketing websites


Facebook provide you space to create your business page. On which you can share your content and post about the upcoming events. Facebook page are co much generic.  You should use your business name as the Facebook page name.  That will give a positive indications. Your product reaches maximum people.

Now questions arises why you should use Facebook for social  marketing? The answer is just simple because millions of people joins Facebook daily. And search for the interests. Find the right interest according to your business.  And share the content and post their to get much traffic. You can also make Facebook pages and invite people to like it,  engage peoples.

For example,  if you are opening a online store for clothes. Then start a Facebook page and publish their about your products.  Their reviews and share on daily basis. That will engage people to your business.


Instagram is also a social platform to promote your business. Many peoples join instagram daily. You can take photos of your post and share them on instagram.  And if you are using WordPress website then it have plugin to auto share on social media.  Use that plugin and put your social media profile links and that establish link between your website and social platform.

Instagram is the best place to share your ideas of business if you have online business store. Instagram is much popular like Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Twitter

Twitter is a social platform. Here are the best followers that you want. Twitter provide best support for the business as you can connect it to your youtube channel. That automatically share the video on twitter that you upload on YouTube.  Twitter also provide place to tweet and post links and photos of your business.  And provide twitter API that help you to authenticate peoples through twitter. Twitter is used by every a celebrity to ministers.  And a singer to a actor and all the peoples. Write quality content to get maximum followers and post it on daily basis on twitter.

Sharing of content will engage peoples on your site. And gather maximum traffic.


Pinterest is also a social platform here you can pin your post. You can create boards here according to thr interest. Daily many people create their pins and use it for promotion.  You can also do this.


Tumbler is a social platform here you can create blog and post about the post or share your content. Daily millions of people join tumblr anf write their post.  About 80,000 blogs are published daily. Here you can find common interest people easily.  And know about your competitors easily and write better than them.
These are just few social platform.

You can also use google plus,  and google my business,  and other Google development tools.

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